Franchise Financing


One of the most successful business models and means of participating in the capitalist dream, is through the structure and deployment of the franchise business concept. Franchising allows a concept to be fully deployed with unit stakeholders who help build the business, while always owning their own interest as a unit holder and cell component of a greater whole.

The concept has been around for over 50 years and has built the reputation and goodwill of some of the largest multinational franchises in the world, including national and international brand names like McDonalds, Canadian Tire, Tim Horton’s and many other prominent global brand names.

The reason for its success is that it raises additional capital for the Franchisor while also providing a highly motivated labour pool with an interest in the business. For the Franchisee, it provides a complete turnkey business support mechanism with distributed costs and economies of scale.

In a properly structured franchise model, both the Franchisor and Franchisee establish a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship, where each is dependent on the other and each shares a participatory interest in the business enterprise as a whole. Many early franchisees that bought into the early stages of franchise concepts have done extremely well and have become successful millionaires, allowing them to become their own self-employed entrepreneur with their own business as a franchise partnership.

ILACO Financial provides a full, turnkey funding program for financing your own franchise purchase. This is a challenging process that must recognize the franchise licensing term along with the real estate component for leases and leasehold improvements.

Our specialized loan syndication program includes franchise funding for:

Franchise Purchase and Licensing Fees


Equipment and Machinery


Leaseholds and Fixtures


Inventory and Supplies


Rental Lease Deposits


Sales and Marketing Promotions


If you’re a Head Franchisor, ILACO Financial can structure and setup a turnkey financing program for attracting and funding your franchise purchase and sale program. This is supplemented with franchise investment, financing services and marketing and consulting support mechanisms, through our revolutionary “12 Steps to Business Success” program.

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